Marie*z Crochet Co. is presently operated by a youngin' named Maya Marie. She expresses her love for humanity and the various definitions of "style" by designing toys inspired by various time periods and walks of life as well as accessories that will make you feel like the top of the crop.
After a lengthy hiatus, Marie*z Crochet factory is being relaunched and will have up tons of new goods soon!
For Business Inquiries: Contact Maya @ 347-765-8499 or

Questions for Maya Marie:

What's Marie*z all about? Marie*z started because ever since I can remember I've always dreamed of a career where I can make toys, I've always wanted to be a toy maker or anything involved in tinkering with tiny objects such as needles, threads and fabrics, because I love tiny details and tiny repetative motions.
I wanted to create toys that aren't just unique but really stylish too and stylish in the different views of different people. Often times, from what I've seen, toys, especially dolls, are often geared to be one type of person, and I believe that toys can be much more diverse than that. Then the best part about creating something is getting to share it with others. Plus if I had rooms filled of tiny people at my place my family would probably get concerned.

Do you collect dolls? Yes,omg! Barbies and porcelain dolls galore, paper dolls, bead dolls. I love dolls and guy dolls aka action figures. Although I refer to the guy dolls I make as dudez, because boys like dolls too and my four brothers are living proof of that. But anyways, my collection of dolls is presently in another state with my grandpop so I'm beginning a new collection.

How old are you? I'm a Water Rooster if that tells you anything, tehe! [Clue: Chinese zodiac]

Do you enjoy anything outside of crocheting? I'm presently going to culinary school because it's something I've dreamed of doing since the first day my mom let me step foot in the kitchen, and who also has nurtured my passion to cook, eat and be creative in general. I have a passion to crochet just as much as cook so rest assured all dolls and dudez are fed well.

How Marie*z Began . . .

Marie*z Crochet Co. began as KidzDEZIGNZ in 2006 when during the fall and winter I learned how to crochet. I'd been trying to pick up knitting again with my mom, but I found crochet to be alot easier for me. So I did that and found loads of helpful sites and bought a bunch of thrift store yarn along with the beads I usually got to make jewelry and the next summer I had loads to sell!
Even though I started KidzDEZIGNZ with just selling jewelry, I began to focus more on my crochet in 2008 and I also changed the name of the company to Marie*z because I adults like to enjoy playthings too. And here at Marie*z Crochet Co. the main mission is to not only make fun & unique handmade products for kids and teens, but also inspire them to be creative themselves.